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Our early days were spent on the East Coast. Our roots starting with weekend shows, treating each show like a major event. Now Hart Photos is pleased to call Texas home, cutting horse country.


Hart Photos has been photographing cuttings for over 20 years. including 7 yrs. as the official NCHA Photographer. Show photos are loaded to our web site HARTPHOTOS.US . We are proud to say we still offer printed images & provide  E-mail photo orders wwith same day/next day services, when ever possible.


You can always call for ordering assistance. When you are in a rush, know email, advertising digital orders, always take priorty & there are No Rush Order Fees.  


Even after all these years there's stll something special happening watching that cow, anticipating where it goes, while trying to capture the horses movements in the flash of an eye! It still comes down to reading that cow and communicating the horses incredible athletic ability while capturing the intensity of the cutter.


In the early days it was all on film. Now, with Digital technology,  you can view over 14 years of photo archives on our web site HARTPHOTOS.US... 

                             Available for Viewing, Sharing and Purchase!


Viewing your photos is more convenient than ever. Hart Photos can fulfill all your photo & photographic needs. Knowing we still hold those values of service and reliability you've come to trust.




Thank You for thinking of Hart Photos.



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